Summer Schedule for Kids

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Summer Schedule for Kids

Kids need to have a summer schedule which they follow. Children thrive on routine. It’s a matter of fact. The truth is that spending the summer outside of school takes children out of their daily routine. Now unless you live somewhere that kids go to school year round, then there’s no way around this. However, you can create a summer routine for your children, which will help your summer go smoothly.

Whether your children will be attending summer camp this summer or are staying home with you, this is one summer schedule that everyone can follow. This is not a daily schedule to follow. I have one of those too, but it’s specific to my children’s school schedule. Instead, this is a simple fun schedule that you and your children can follow to make planning your days easier and fun!

In this summer schedule, each day of the week brings on a different activity. All of which are excellent activities to promote your children’s brain to make connections, resulting in learning!

The fun thing about this summer schedule is coming up with which specific activity you and your children want to do each day. If you are going to be spending the days home together, then plan a longer activity. If you only have a couple of hours together each day, pick something that will take less time.

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Fun Summer Schedule for Kids

Make Something Monday

For “Make Something Monday” we will be working on various art activities. Some days there will be more structured activities, such as drawing specific shapes for my younger one and working on more advanced art skills for the older one. While other days it will be a free form. I bought a long roll of white paper that we can roll out across the floor to trace each other, draw on, color on, paint, or whatever else we come up with. We also plan to make some fun usable art, like our do-it-yourself bath bombs and play-doh.

Time To Read Tuesday

Tuesday will be the day of the week that we place a lot of emphasis on reading. Though we plan to continue reading pretty much daily during the summer, on Tuesday’s we will do things a little differently. Some Tuesday’s we will make a special trip to either the bookstore or library to find a new, exciting book. Whereas on other Tuesday’s we will spend time focusing on a specific author. I hope to incorporate reading comprehension and book reports into the older one’s summer. My younger one is not yet reading, but we will work together this summer on some early readers and he will enjoy listening to us reading to him and engaging in conversation about the plot and characters.

What’s Cooking Wednesday

Wednesday will be a fun day to look up recipes and cook together! There are so many skills learned through cooking together. When children are involved in all of the necessary steps to make a meal, such as picking a recipe, gathering the ingredients, prepping, and cooking they are more likely to eat the food. They also learn about where the ingredients come from, practice their cutting/chopping skills using their claw hold (to protect those little fingertips), and get to practice their math and science skills.

Test Your Skills Thursday

Thursday will be the day that we will put the boys gross and fine motor skills to the test! Some days will be spent doing outdoor obstacle courses. Other days we will have friendly competitions building with Legos. I recently picked up some extra sets of wheels from the Lego store and I can’t wait to watch the boys put together cars to race. I bet J will get in on the fun too when he’s home from work.

Find Something Friday

On Friday’s we will be playing various scavenger hunt games, hide and seek, and more! Some days our scavenger hunts will be done by color, such as find something pink, something blue, something green, etc. While other days the scavenger hunt will be more of a traditional hunt. If we’re lucky and can gather some friends together than we can play on a larger scale. We can find something inside, outside, in books, in nature, etc.

As Always

Thank you for reading. I hope you found some good ideas for activities you can do with your children this summer. I would love to hear about ideas or activities that you and your kids are doing this summer!

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Summer Schedule for Kids

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